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Puppies - litter B

On the 22.1.2013 Brimson mated Ferrari. The expected date of birth of the puppies is in the end of March 2013.

We are expecting two colors of the puppies black and yellow – red fox.

From this litter we are expecting very good working dogs from the FT line. This is the second litter from this line in the Czech Republic, so I will be very happy for candidates who plan to work with the puppy. I chose the stud dog under excellent health results and good character which is very important for me. Brimson is a very likeable strong dog.

His owner Carsten Nissen says the following about him: DK FTCH DK TM Jobeshill Olof "Brimson" is my first Field Trial Champion and I love him to bits. Brimson has been very easy to train, always honest, a very good hunting dog, rock steady and just nice to have around. He is very handsome, strong boned and powerful with bags of drive.

Brimson is very consistent and has won more than twenty open awards, so far. He has been placed in every working test he has entered, and has also gained the title of "Danish Working Test Champion".

Brimson is bred in England by Jane Fairclough and is litterbrother to FTCH Jobeshill Lotta of Stountonvale, FTCH Jobeshill Valfried of Avonford, FTCH Jobehill Ragnar of Flypatch and FTW Jobeshill Magnus.

Puppies from our kennel are bred in a family environment where they will be a full-cared for. At the time of collection to be puppies properly vaccinated, wormed, vet checked and with the microchip. The new owner receives the puppy, a purchase contract, a pedigree, a vaccination card, information about puppy care (feeding, other vet care, etc.) and feed for about one week. Puppies are given only in good conditions, I would be happy with ongoing contact and their working efficiency.

If you are interested in a puppy or have any questions, contact me.

Photos of Brimson


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