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CACIT FT Protivin (CZ)

CACIT FT Protivin (CZ) judged by Gerard Murdock & Zsolt Böszörményi

I am happy I could organize another CACIT FT in CZ. I would like to thank again to my friends who helped me and supported me during the last weekend. I really appreciate them. A huge thanks to the chiefstewards Pieter and Dirk and my helpers Ton, Dana, Mirek and Marcela. Also thank to Kamila and Štěpán. Special thanks to the judges Gerard Murdock & Zsolt Böszörményi for their work during the weekend.

For the great pictures thank a lot to Honza, Petr and Štěpán.

Thanks to the competitors, the atmosphere was so nice and I hope you all enjoyed the weekend.

Thank to everybody for the comments later on. It gives me more energy to continue this work.

I am looking forward to the next field trial season in CZ. Hope to see you all again.


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