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About us

My first meeting with the retriever was in 2001 when my parents moved to the the family house and bought a puppy Labrador retriever. I was very happy that we finally have a dog. We bought Artush as a family dog, so I did not know anything about the training of retrievers and working with them. When Artush was two years old we thought that we would try the basic test about which we read in the club's newsletter. So I read disciplines for the test and tried to learn it our doggie. We went for a training seminar which was finished by this test. Here I found that Labrador is not only a family dog, but also he is a hunting dog with which I can work and most importantly, that it's extremely fun for him. Together we passed the basic test and others hunting tests later.

In 2004 I kept form Artush's litter my first bitch Arleta od Drexlerova mlýna, with which I began my "dog's life." Arleta was from puppyhood very temperament and still happy bitch which was interested about everything. With Arleta I began to train myself and later I heard about the possibility to train for working tests. From this moment I utterly succumbed to the work with dogs. With Arleta we passed several WTs and hunting tests with very nice results. Unfortunately in her three years Arleta began to have serious health problems. Finally she had to undergo the elbows surgery due to extensive displazie and I had very significantly reduce her working life. After more than a year we went slowly back to the work again, but only very carefully. Arleta still works very good during the hunting days and the work makes her incredibly happy.


In the end of 2006 I was unexpectedly brought another bitch from Austria Woodquarter Gundogs' Alabama (Ferrari). I found out about her three weeks before her coming to me, but the decision was made in the minute. In that time charmed me only the idea about her and now I know why. Ferrari is the first dog from field trial line in Czech Republic and I thank very much to the breeder Wolfgang Harrer that he consigned her to me. People in Czech were skeptical a lot they thougt that she is not a Labrador, but I did not mind, I enjoyed every day with her. It's my black devil with great energy and incredibly cuddly character. I love watching her at work especially on hunts. She is extremely focused and very fast in all grounds. Every season I participate with Ferrari WTs and FTs with very nice results. In each level of WT she got the first place and several times got the judge's choice.

In 2010 I bred my first litter of trial Labradors in our country. From this litter I kept a bitch Ann Amelia Arlet Star (Mia). In summer 2011 she started on her first WT where she won her class with excellent. This year I plan to participate with Mia on several WTs and some hunting tests.

Ferrari will have her second litter this year and I would like to keep her son. I spend all my free time with my dogs in summer on WTs and trainings and in winter on FTs and hunts of ducks, pheasants and hares where I actively use all my dogs.  

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