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December 6, 2010

Like the last year I wanted to start with Ferrari on this FT. It was very nice day and Ferrari had a good result. She was on the 2nd place and got titles res. CACIT and CACT.

She fulfilled the conditions for getting the title Czech working champion.

November 28, 2010

In the last time I haven´t so much time for any training with Ferrari so I hoped that she still has in her head something from the time before the pups ;-))

Ferrari was on the 3th place with the CACT. 

November 6, 2010

On the last WT in this season I registered my both dogs. They were really happy that they can start after so long time.  Whole day in Strimelice was very nice despite bad weather in the afternoon. Arleta started in the class M where she worked realy very nice. But in the last test she changed the dummy so she didn´t pass the WT.

Ferrari started in the open class. She worked nice only the one test was not according my imaginatio...

June 12, 2010

Today we enjoyed a beautiful day in the water and trained a bit. Of course the training was attended by a little Mia and was very good ...

June 5, 2010

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day so I went for a little walk with my girls. Mainly I wanted to amuse Mia because she was the most sadest from departure of her sister Amber. The dogs had some fresh air and then continued with the destruction of their toys at home. After this Mia was tired enough so she took a nap ;-))

May 27, 2010

Already since the date of birth of the puppies I knew that the day when they have to go to their new homes will be very hard for me. The time with them fled so quickly and I was very sad from their departure. But I'm really happy that all new owners are so nice ;-) I couldn´t have asked for better people for my pups ....

May 26, 2010

I went on the week holiday to Austria with my friends. It was more amusing for me, because there were the bigger part of my puppy´s group with me ;-)) On the way to the holiday we had two stops where Ross and Blue separated from us. Other members of the puppy´s group enjoyed a week in the mountains.

May 20, 2010

Today we had lots of visitors, so we had a lot of fun outside again ;-)) The pups are getting faster and more curious. Thank you very much to my friend Eva for the pictures, because now I finally have a picture of myself and the pups ;-))

May 9, 2010

We had a beautiful day, so we enjoyed it again outside. The pups were running and were very happy. The purple girl removed her collar and lost it, so Amber is one without it ;-)) In the evening the pups ate granules with tuna, it was really delicious ;-)) We couldn´t have asked for better day....

May 8, 2010

During the day I haven´t so much time for taking pictures, so the pups played with their mom in the evening. Of course they also got some milk, but Ferrari gave them a lesson in manners ;-) They are really fast, so I´m starting to have a problem to take the pictures of some things ;-))

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